Thursday, October 30, 2014

MS NZ Azure Press Release

Microsoft Azure Australia has hit general availability. This obviously did not happen without the necessary a press releases. Microsoft Australia was able to announce this on the Monday.

Pretty cool but Australia is not the only country that will benefit of the new Azure Geo. Another country that should not be forgotten is New Zealand. Just like in most countries Microsoft also has a presence here, in New Zealand, and therefore Microsoft New Zealand published a media press release.

For the press release of the new geo Microsoft New Zealand approached me for my two cents. This because I was given the opportunity to participate in the Private Preview of Azure Australia. I was given access to the new data centre for a number of months and was able to complete tests to validate the platform. The tests results were used to decide whether the new geo was ready, or not.

Anyhow, this resulted in a little paragraph in the Microsoft NZ press release. Something I'm pretty proud of. Below the a snippet of the article where Microsoft has quoted me.

My two cents

The full press release can be found by going to the following link. Press Release

Monday, October 27, 2014

Microsoft Azure Australia Geo hits GA

Great news , the Azure Australia data centers have finally been released!

This wasn't a real surprise after Scott Guthrie released the news that the data centers would go live this week during the Cloud OS Day held by Microsoft.

The new data centers were officially launched during TechEd Sydney. The two new data centers, located in New South Wales and Victoria, increase the total number of Azure data centers as of today to 19 regions. The 20th data centre is expected to launch in India on a date yet to be confirmed.

As I was curious myself I had a look in the portal and can confirm the new data centers are available.

Australia Data Centers

Customers looking to leverage of the ExpressRoute to connect to the Australian data centers will unfortunately have to wait. Microsoft released the following information in their official press release.

"ExpressRoute via Equinix will be generally available later this calendar year. ExpressRoute via Telstra will be available in the New Year"

The full press release can be found on

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Azure Australia Data Centers opening Next Week

It's been a long painful wait. But Microsoft finally shed some light on the release of the two new Azure data centers that will be deployed in Australia. The two new data centers will be located in Sydney and Melbourne and will make a huge difference for consumers of Azure services in Australia and New Zealand.

The Microsoft Azure Australia data centers will hit General Availability (GA) next week. This key date was announced by Scott Guthrie, the Executive VP of the Cloud and Enterprise, during the Microsoft OS 'Cloud Day' press event held in San Francisco.

The webcast for the event can be found by following this link Cloud OS Press. The date is announced around the 20 minute mark.

Azure Regions Worldwide

The Microsoft Azure Australia data centers are expected to form a catalyst for customer throughout the Australasia region to start consuming Azure services. It means they will be able to leverage of the Azure services at a lower latency than possible before from the other Azure regions. Customers will be able to consume many services of the Azure IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings. And can start deploying hybrid clouds that are capable of offering improved business continuity, scalability with the economics of a public cloud.

The launch of the Australia data centers means there is some tough competition on the market for other public cloud providers, such as Amazon. Competition in cloud computing is a great thing, it will mean prices keep dropping and new features will actively be developed.

Exciting times!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Unable to resolve address from Azure VM

Recently I created a few virtual machines in Microsoft Azure, promoted a domain controller and tried to connect to to download a few patches. Nothing special you would think. Unfortunately something manifested that I did not expect. I was unable to access any Microsoft related page and would find the following error message “This page can’t be displayed. Other websites such as worked fine.

This page can't be displayed


I raised a call with Microsoft support for this case and at the same time started to investigate the issue myself. The first thing that came into mind was checking the DNS Forwarders. And funny enough I immediately noticed that my DNS server in Azure had a Forwarder configured that cannot be resolved. The address is the one to keep an eye out for.

Forwarder - Unable to resolve DNS servers


To resolve this issue simply update the DNS forwarder on the DNS server to one that does work, for example, which is the Google public DNS server. It’s recommended to delete the entry that cannot be resolved. And as a safety measurement I recommend adding in a secondary DNS servers to provide a failover when the primary is unavailable.

Updated Forwarder with and

This change will apply immediately and you’ll find that, and other Microsoft pages, are resolved without any issues. is now resolved

 I’ve only just started blogging about my adventures in Azure so please feel free to comment.