Thursday, October 30, 2014

MS NZ Azure Press Release

Microsoft Azure Australia has hit general availability. This obviously did not happen without the necessary a press releases. Microsoft Australia was able to announce this on the Monday.

Pretty cool but Australia is not the only country that will benefit of the new Azure Geo. Another country that should not be forgotten is New Zealand. Just like in most countries Microsoft also has a presence here, in New Zealand, and therefore Microsoft New Zealand published a media press release.

For the press release of the new geo Microsoft New Zealand approached me for my two cents. This because I was given the opportunity to participate in the Private Preview of Azure Australia. I was given access to the new data centre for a number of months and was able to complete tests to validate the platform. The tests results were used to decide whether the new geo was ready, or not.

Anyhow, this resulted in a little paragraph in the Microsoft NZ press release. Something I'm pretty proud of. Below the a snippet of the article where Microsoft has quoted me.

My two cents

The full press release can be found by going to the following link. Press Release

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