Thursday, December 1, 2016

Monitor services in Microsoft Azure

Management Pack for Microsoft Azure

Many organization I work with struggle with the 'how-to' monitor the resources in Microsoft Azure. How do I connect my on-premises monitoring solution to Microsoft Azure and how do I monitor my resources. Traditionally the answer would be, look at OMS, set up alerts in the portal or logon when you notice something is wrong. Well none of the above really work well for most organizations.

To address the gap Microsoft has released a SCOM Management Pack for Microsoft Azure. It covers a wide range of services and support SCOM 2012 environments. 

Some of the services that can be monitored using the management pack:

Data Factory
Logic App
Media Services
Mobile Services
Notification Hubs
Operational Insights
Redis Cache
Service Bus
SQL Azure
Storage Accounts
Traffic Manager
Virtual Machines

So go ahead and grab a copy today and start testing it. Be mindful that it is in Technical Preview so there could be some glitches here and there, please review the prerequisites before you deploy the management pack.

The management pack can be found on the Microsoft website by hitting the following link: